Hawaiian Haze – Southern Charm Botanicals Review

While I promised myself to not buy more hemp, I couldn’t resist with the sudden sales due to COVID-19 and 4/20 approaching. Hawaiian Haze was a strain on my radar and Southern Charm Botanicals made it on the short-list of vendors to try. This batch of Hawaiian Haze comes in at 14% CBD.

Opening the glass jar I was greeted by a subtle fruity aroma with a hint of pine. The buds were a dark green color with very long red hairs. Breaking them apart with my fingers, I would not consider this flower very “sticky” but it did leave some reside on my fingers. The trichomes were also very thick and noticeable to the naked eye.

My first session with this strain was in my Fury. I loaded some into the chamber and did a 5 minute session after my morning workout. My body felt more relaxed and my mind more alert after the session; definitely a good morning/afternoon strain. In other sessions I did smoke the Hawaiian Haze and the pine taste was more prevalent. The effects from this flower seemed to ease in over the course of 15 minutes or so after the initial session.