Cat’s Meow – UpState Hemp Co Review

Cat’s Meow is an indica dominate strain coming from Upstate Hemp Co. It is an outdoor grown variety that comes with a reported 18% CBD content and .13% THC.

After opening the bag, the aroma from Cat’s Meow was not very overpowering. It gave off a subtle earthy smell with a slight hint of diesel. The flower is also heavily decorated with small sides trichomes. The buds are pretty dense and very sticky; breaking it apart with my fingers left quite a bit of residue on my finger tips.

Looking at the terpene profile, Cat’s Meow has a much higher beta-Myrcene content then my favorite Deschutes variety.

I loaded up some Cat’s Meow in my favorite bowl and gave it a burn through. The smoke was very smooth and the exhale gave a pleasant aroma. The residue has a bit of a sweet hint to it that acts on the relaxing effects of this flower.

Cat’s Meow is definitely a relaxing strain. The sedating effects were felt shortly after I had finished the first bowl. If you’re looking for a strain that allows you to melt the day away in the evening or before bed, this is the one!