High Times Hemp Cup 2021 People’s Choice

After participating in and enjoying the FLWR City Hemp Cup, I started searching out other cups that might be going on. I was very happy to see that High Times had ventured into the hemp arena and was offering a people’s choice judging kit for folks to take advantage of remotely.

The kit came with a variety of CBD, hemp, and D8 products. There were edibles, flower, tinctures, salves, pre-rolls, and vapes. I was very surprised by the range and variety of products offered, the box was well worth the money. Overall I received 27 different products to sample. In total there were 12 different judging kits available and the selection was random when they were ordered.

As I make my way through the products, I’ll post reviews of the ones I really liked and of the ones I didn’t. See below for pictures of all the products I received in judging kit 1A.