Adventures in Delta8 – Mixing a custom cart

Having enjoyed retail Δ⁸ vape carts for the past couple months, I noticed that the options were lacking in terms of variety. All the manufacturers are using a high purity Δ⁸ distillate and mixing in botanical terpenes. Some are starting to use hemp derived terpenes, but those are currently only a few. While Δ⁸ by itself is a decent experience, I found that mixing it with other cannabinoids(like smokeable hemp) really brought out the effects to be more well rounded and enveloping thanks to the entourage effect. With the variety of options available in terms of Δ⁸ and hemp distillate, I decided to start making my own.

To start, I picked up some Δ⁸ distillate from Greene Rush Hemp. Their supplier has been putting out higher and higher purity products and also tested the distillate against a full panel for purity, pesticides, metals, and residual solvents.

Having tried botanical terpenes and experienced the harshness, I was focused on finding hemp or cannabis derived ones as others have reported them to be much smoother and encourage the entourage effect. I purchased a few hemp distillates, but for this first cart I used some purchased from Apical Greens and having Sour Diesel terpenes, which they report to be cannabis derived.

Mixing the cart was pretty easy, but I did prepare with several supplies. To start, I warmed all the distillates and CCell vape cart in my oven at 190F for 15 minutes. I had a beaker sitting on a hotplate and glass stir rod ready for when everything was at temperature. Taking everything out of the oven, I put roughly .25mL of the hemp distillate and .75mL of the Δ⁸ into the beaker and gave it a quick stir for a 3:1 Δ⁸ to hemp ratio. After that I sucked it back up into a syringe and dispensed it into the CCell.

I waited a day to vape the cart to let the air work its way out of the ceramic of the cart(atleast, that is what I read should be done). First thing I noticed was that the vape was incredibly smooth, way smoother than the retail carts using botanical terpenes. It still took roughly 20 minutes to feel the effects of the Δ⁸ and the experience was what I was hoping for.

A full mix of cannabinoids provided a significant entourage experience where I found myself not wanting to smoke any of the hemp I had to enhance the feeling. It provided significant relaxation compared to the normal Δ⁸ I have grown accustomed to. I think this is my new favorite mix of cannabinoids and I look forward to further experiments with ratios.