Ode to Franklin

The hemp industry is a vibrant and varied one. While there are some large farms that produce many of the smokable hemp varieties in circulation, smaller farms are also producing hemp that has some unique characteristics. Franklin hemp by Veteran Grown is one of these hemp strains.

Franklin hemp was created purely by accident and will forever go down in hemp lore. With a combination of factors, including abnormal weather, Veteran Grown was able to produce one of the most unique and controversial hemp strains in recent memories. What makes Franklin so special is the high THCa %, legal Delta-9 THC limit, and also a low CBD %; all these combined make Franklin an almost 1:1 strain of THC to CBD.

THCa is the precursor acid to delta-9 THC. THCa will convert to delta-9 when exposed to heat. With this in mind, smoking Franklin will produce some psychoactive effects given the 6% THC content. Now, the original 2018 Farm Bill only had provisions that limited the delta-9 THC content in flower to 0.3%. The oversight on the Fed’s part is that delta-9 THC is not very present on flower and its mostly THCa. They fixed this by issue by implementing a new “Total THC” rule which was defined as D9-THC content plus .87 of the THCa content and that rule goes into effect in November which will make Franklin illegal.

But for now we can legally purchase and enjoy Franklin. Franklin is not the prettiest hemp flower, it is not the best tasting hemp flower, but Franklin does exactly what it is supposed to do. It reminds me of the low-grade cannabis I was able to purchase in high school and even college. It does the job and with all the benefits of ordering off the internet and getting it shipped to my house; my what a time to be alive!

Franklin is the type of hemp that’s good for rolling a couple joints and going on a hike in the woods. You don’t go to outer space but get into a good mood to enjoy the hike. I also find myself using Franklin while relaxing around a fire or just winding down for the day. It pretty much is a good anytime strain to chill or, when consuming in higher quantities, is good for recreational reasons.

Hawaiian Haze – Southern Charm Botanicals Review

While I promised myself to not buy more hemp, I couldn’t resist with the sudden sales due to COVID-19 and 4/20 approaching. Hawaiian Haze was a strain on my radar and Southern Charm Botanicals made it on the short-list of vendors to try. This batch of Hawaiian Haze comes in at 14% CBD.

Opening the glass jar I was greeted by a subtle fruity aroma with a hint of pine. The buds were a dark green color with very long red hairs. Breaking them apart with my fingers, I would not consider this flower very “sticky” but it did leave some reside on my fingers. The trichomes were also very thick and noticeable to the naked eye.

My first session with this strain was in my Fury. I loaded some into the chamber and did a 5 minute session after my morning workout. My body felt more relaxed and my mind more alert after the session; definitely a good morning/afternoon strain. In other sessions I did smoke the Hawaiian Haze and the pine taste was more prevalent. The effects from this flower seemed to ease in over the course of 15 minutes or so after the initial session.

Cat’s Meow – UpState Hemp Co Review

Cat’s Meow is an indica dominate strain coming from Upstate Hemp Co. It is an outdoor grown variety that comes with a reported 18% CBD content and .13% THC.

After opening the bag, the aroma from Cat’s Meow was not very overpowering. It gave off a subtle earthy smell with a slight hint of diesel. The flower is also heavily decorated with small sides trichomes. The buds are pretty dense and very sticky; breaking it apart with my fingers left quite a bit of residue on my finger tips.

Looking at the terpene profile, Cat’s Meow has a much higher beta-Myrcene content then my favorite Deschutes variety.

I loaded up some Cat’s Meow in my favorite bowl and gave it a burn through. The smoke was very smooth and the exhale gave a pleasant aroma. The residue has a bit of a sweet hint to it that acts on the relaxing effects of this flower.

Cat’s Meow is definitely a relaxing strain. The sedating effects were felt shortly after I had finished the first bowl. If you’re looking for a strain that allows you to melt the day away in the evening or before bed, this is the one!