3chi Delta-8 THC 600mg Tincture Review

Δ⁸ THC is quickly becoming my new favorite thing. The biggest draw to this substance is that it is federally legal and available for purchase online from a variety of vendors. As someone how is curious by nature, finding new ways to explore the benefits of cannabis is a bit if a passion of mine. After trying some Δ⁸ vape carts, I decided to give the tincture a whirl.

The tincture from 3chi is 600mL of Δ⁸ THC in 30mL of oil and flavoring, which gives 20mg of Δ⁸ THC per 1mL dropper. Having used delta-9 THC tinctures and edibles before, I decided for my first dose I would target roughly 15mg of Δ⁸ which would be .75mL of the dropper.

The tincture is practically clear, which is what we would expect to see with a highly concentrated Δ⁸ product. This tincture, according to the lab results, has 80% purity in the extract. It has a bit of a fruity and pineapple like taste. I held it under my tongue for several minutes to take it subinguinally instead of having the majority of oil observed through my digestive tract.

7:45pm – Tincture taken

8:20pm – Starting to feel some effects. I’m experiencing the “heaviness” in the eyes.

8:45pm – Definitely feeling stoned. Mood is quite elevated and body is very relaxed. The body feeling is a bit more intensified than compared to the vape.

9:30pm – Munchies setting in.

10:00pm – By this point the effects have set in. Definitely more of a body stoned like I’ve experienced with regular edibles. Mood is very elevated and body almost completely relaxed. At this point I also start smoking a bowl of Deschutes hemp.

11:20pm – Going to bed feeling completely relaxed.

I’d have to take the tincture during the day to observe how long the effects lasted. But sufficed to say my evening was quite enjoyable. One of the differences I noted(vape vs tincture) was that the “alertness” that came from the vape was not as overpowering with the tincture.