The Adventures of the Great Neblinksi – Book Review

I don’t always review books, but when I do, it is for good reason. Creative fiction is subjective, however, when it combines all my favorite elements of cannabis, adventure, and magic; I am all in!

I became aware of the author, JRR Tokin, on Twitter. I saw some friends share his posts and started to follow. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but his posts were quite entertaining and one day I said “screw it, what do I have to lose?” and ordered a copy of the book.

Side note: the author is an amazing artist and his clay sculptures are a sight to behold.

Boy was I entertained. After the first chapter of the book I was hooked. The book follows the adventure of a Gnome, erm, a G’nome who is sent by his people’s lost deity to spread the word of their holy herb(cannabis!) and undertake a perilous journey. Along the way he befriends a group of mercenaries who assist him throughout his journey.

The book is chalked full hilarious anecdotes and gratuitous consumption of the holy herb. To put it in perspective, the only other book I have ever laughed out loud at was Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. If you try to keep up with the characters in the book and their partaking in the holy sacrament, you’ll soon be saying Holy Shiddumbuzzin!

To top it off, this book has it all. The story is wonderfully written with great character development. The author does a fantastic job of storytelling and brings the reader in with plenty of suspense, mystery, and intrigue. I won’t give away the plot within the book but I am desperately waiting for the second book to come out to see where this story goes!

You’ll laugh, you might cry, you might also just get really high from the amount of smoke billowing out of the book! I highly suggest checking it out and getting a copy!

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