CBD Oil – My Thoughts

While I have been aware of the medical benefits of cannabis for some time, using it for such things wasn’t something I had considered. With the explosive growth of hemp based products, I was slightly weary of all the claims CBD companies were making. Also, there were many bad actors in the industry selling product which sometimes had no CBD in it at all.

Once I found that hemp flower, with a high CBD %, was available for retail sale, I purchased some and started experimenting. As covered in previous posts, I found that I could feel the effects of the CBD. Armed with this personal experience, I went ahead and ordered some CBD oil from a local manufacturer, 4Fathers Innovation.

I did not take CBD looking to cure a specific ailment, it was merely a curiosity to see if it help anything. Within 2 weeks, I started to notice a significant improvement in my overall well-being. My back pain, stemming from a college injury, was no longer as prevalent as it once was. Headaches, which I just assumed was normal, were no longer there. For the first time in a very long line, I felt without pain.

Studies have shown CBD helps with inflammatory issues, which is what CBD most certainly did for me. I also noticed I was not quick to anger as I was before. I also have not taken an ibuprofen in months since starting my CBD regiment.

Since we are still studying this plant and getting ourselves out from under 70 years of prohibition, I’m hoping more will come out on the benefits of all cannabinoids.

Everyone’s body is different and I doubt all will have the same positive effects that I have had. I do hope it helps many and we can get actual clinical data to support these anecdotal claims.

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