History of Cannabis

Prohibitionists try to force a narrative that cannabis use is relatively new in human society. They also try to point out that those that did use it were small in numbers and insignificant to the overall population; especially when it comes to medical value.

There is evidence from 2500 years ago that cannabis was smoked in a ceremonial fashion. Hemp was also mentioned in one of the oldest Chinese texts on agriculture, Xia Xiao Zheng. As for the medical properties, Emperor Shen Nung noted it and they were eventually collected in the Pen Ts’ao Ching.

Jumping forward a bit to India, Bhang is mentioned as a sacred preparation of cannabis for Shiva. This culture and religious use of cannabis continued for centuries in India. It was so pronounced, that when the British occupied India they sent several inquiries into how it affected the native population(the Imperialists were concerned with worker output).

Moving west to the Middle East, cannabis was influential in Muslim society. From the ritual use by the Sufis to the hashish influences of the 1,001 Arabian nights, evidence of cannabis can be seen throughout Muslim culture. On the medical side of things, one of the most influential medical texts written by Avicenna contains referenced to the medical properties of cannabis.

Jumping forward in time, the monk Rabelais mentions cannabis continually throughout his book Gargantua and Pantagruel, albeit under a code name. Cannabis also appears in several medical texts such as the The New England Dispensatory and The Edinburgh New Dispensary. Hashish became common in Europe and in the late 1800s several prominent writers were using it.

In more recent times, Cannabis was also included in the U.S. Pharmacopeia starting in 1851 until 1942.

Just from these few brief examples, I have shown the long use of cannabis in human societies. There are several others that I omitted, but the the general picture can be shown. Cannabis has been used for medical, spiritual, and recreational purposes for millennia. The only thing that changed that was the recent experiment of prohibition.

With the slow repealing of prohibition in several states and aided with modern science, humanity is once again being reunited with the plant and finding truth and evidence in the benefits.

Prohibitionists that are Democrats

Going into starting my twitter account, I had assumed that the majority of prohibitionists would be Republican. To my surprise, the many who I have interacted with on the prohibitionist side were Democrats.

Kevin Sabet, the leader of the Prohibitionist group “Smart Approaches to Marijuana” served under President Obama. SAM was founded with Sabet and Congressman Patrick Kennedy, who is also a Democrat. Other prohibitionists on twitter publicly acknowledge they are Democrats.

What makes this more interesting is that the vast majority of the 2020 Democrat presidential nominees current support either full legalization or at least Federal descheduling and allowing the states to decide.

As I stated on Twitter, Democrats that are against cannabis legalization are going to be likened to Democrats that were against civil rights in the 1960s.

Prohibs that have blocked me

Update: Added Randy.

Update 4/9/2020: Added Scott Gagnon “Deez Nuts”

Update 4/16/2020: Removed Brandon Dorfman

Twitter is a very volatile platform. Anonymous troll accounts pop up constantly and public figures face numerous messages, both pro and against. Not surprising, my account has caused some stir.

My need to remain anonymous is mostly to protect my family and employment. Federal prohibition has created a rats nest of laws that can condemn someone for using a substance within 30 days. Note: I do not work in a safety sensitive position.

This, of course, leads the prohibs to think I am just a troll account. Well, unfortunately, I am not. I have a variety of opinions and connections to local NORML groups.

Below is a list of all the prohibitionist accounts, to my knowledge, that have blocked me. I’m sure this list will grow but this most certainly is a “who’s who” of the prohib world.