Prohibs that have blocked me

Update: Added Randy.

Update 4/9/2020: Added Scott Gagnon “Deez Nuts”

Update 4/16/2020: Removed Brandon Dorfman

Twitter is a very volatile platform. Anonymous troll accounts pop up constantly and public figures face numerous messages, both pro and against. Not surprising, my account has caused some stir.

My need to remain anonymous is mostly to protect my family and employment. Federal prohibition has created a rats nest of laws that can condemn someone for using a substance within 30 days. Note: I do not work in a safety sensitive position.

This, of course, leads the prohibs to think I am just a troll account. Well, unfortunately, I am not. I have a variety of opinions and connections to local NORML groups.

Below is a list of all the prohibitionist accounts, to my knowledge, that have blocked me. I’m sure this list will grow but this most certainly is a “who’s who” of the prohib world.