Cuomo On Marijuana Legalization in 2020: I mean it this time (?)

Today was the annual State of the State address by Governor Cuomo. During the address, Cuomo again vowed to legalize marijuana in 2020.

I’m pleased that he mentioned it and that it is still publicly a priority for him, however, as I discussed in 2 previous posts 2019 was not a successful year. I will remain very skeptical of this until I start to see actual progress on the issue.

The MRTA is still in both chambers or he could try to stick something in the budget again. I’m hoping that the $5.4 million in 2 day sales in IL will make it more attractive, as NY will most likely surpass that number based on population.

The couple things going against success will be the Long Island 6 who held out. Also, on the operational side, there are very few licensed medical dispensaries. In order to make it happen, there would need to be a a momentous shift to allow flower to be sold and expand retailers that could be licensed.

Here’s to hoping there is a positive outcome of the 2020 legalization session!

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