Boston Visit

While I have frequented MA several times; my trips have always taken me away from any recreational shops.  The licensing process has been abysmal, with only two licensed recreational shops operating in Boston proper.  With an upcoming trip to Boston planned, I will finally be near a licensed recreational shop, NETA Brookline

The recent vape ban has had a negative impact on many shops in MA.  With vapes no longer allowed on the shelf, customers are limited as to the types of products they can purchase.  Due to this, their online order-ahead menu has been showing a decreasing amount of product available.  At one point, only one type of flower was available and all purchases were limited to 3.5 grams per day.

I’m hoping the issue will remedy itself in the coming week.  I will be severely disappointed if, by the time I can finally get to a legal shop in MA, there is no product available to purchase.

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