Sunbeam Haze Review

As noted in my previous post, Sunbeam Haze is another Hemp strain ordered from Upstate Hemp Co.  Sunbeam Haze was grown in a greenhouse and was only afforded wonderful Western NY sunlight.  Sunbeam Haze has a whopping 21% CBD content and a very low 0.04% THC content.

Sunbeam Haze package

Sunbeam Haze is slightly darker in color compared to Deschutes.  The bud structure is very light and airy.  It almost appears as if there is more in the package than should be due to how much larger the buds are.  Sunbeam Haze gives off a very pleasant earthy, familiar smell that is not overpowering.  There are far less trichomes on Sunbeam Haze compared to Deschutes.  Given how dry the flower is, Sunbeam would be a good candidate for a joint or a bowl.

Sunbeam Haze flower

Using my Hemp-only bowl, Sunbeam Haze burns through very quickly.  The smoke is also not harsh and carries through the earthly flavor.  In some sittings, I ended up packing two bowls to get an equivalent quantity smoked due to how airy the buds are.

Sunbeam Haze macro shot

Sunbeam Haze has a remarkably different affect when compared to Deschutes.  Sunbeam Haze provides a bit of a headrush, more akin to what a Sativa would do.  My usual morning headache went away and my mind seemed a bit “clearer” than before.  Sunbeam Haze is best suited for a morning or mid-afternoon smoke.  It gives a sensation of a mild “pick me up” while providing focus on activities.

I’ve also noticed with Sunbeam Haze that it provokes a slight bit of hunger afterwards. Not a full-bore munchie attack like encountered when consuming a higher THC product; but enough to make a quick trip to the fridge.

Prohib’s Continued Fear of Cannabis

**Update at the bottom**

“Smart” Approaches to Marijuana, the prohibitionist group aimed at preventing any form of legalized psychoactive cannabis, never lets an opportunity pass to share their fear of cannabis.  The government has been under pressure to provide guidelines for the currently booming Hemp and CBD industry.  Recently, the USDA has released their proposed guidelines on this industry.

Not surprising, SAM took this opportunity to reiterate positions that are dangerous to the current status quo.  SAM continues to echo fears of law enforcement, a group that they have been advocating for and cooperating with on numerous occasions to support their views on prohibition.

They call out smokable hemp in their post:

“Third, USDA should work with the FDA to place a moratorium on ‘smokable hemp’ until the health effects can be fully understood.”

This isn’t about health.  As a species, we have been smoking and consuming cannabis for millennia. What they are protecting is the probable cause when someone encounters a law enforcement officer.  Since we lack any tools to differentiate the two in the field, a suspect can state they are smoking legal hemp.  This already has thrown law enforcement a curveball as states like Texas have dropped possession charges.  Recently, North Carolina is working to pass a bill to ban smokable hemp due to do LE fears. 

What is even more ridiculous, is that any ban they want is on unprocessed plant material. They are afraid of people smoking a plant as if there aren’t multiple other plants for people to smoke.

The smell of burnt cannabis has been used as a pretext for searches and arrests.  LE may see this as a hindrance to their job, since they have relied on it for so long, but this is a chance for people to gain freedom back. Legalized hemp and the SAFE Banking Act are the wedges that will drive federal descheduling.

Recently, the NYPD posted on twitter showing a 106 lb cannabis bust. The officers were smiling and happy they made such a huge bust and arrested a suspect. However, it has since come to light that the shipment was federally legal Hemp. I’ll keep an eye on this for the impending lawsuits.