Wishing Well Hybrid Tincture Review

I’m always interested in ways to consume cannabis, within reason. One of the ways that had interested me is cannabis tinctures. Having read Liber 420 by Chris Bennett, I became aware that creating cannabis tinctures was a very old practice done by alchemists during the middle ages.

Having done additional research, it became apparent that taking cannabis in a tincture was similar to edibles except you can control the dosage and the onset is much quicker. With this in mind, I purchased the Wishing Well Hybrid tincture.

The dosage recommendation was 4mg, with each drop being 1 mg of THC. Having experienced a 10mg edible in Vegas, I decided that an 8mg dose would be good for a first time. With that, the drops went down and I awaited the adventure.

Within about 30 minutes, the effects could be felt. Dry mouth started to kick in and I was feeling the effects of the THC. It was a very pleasant onset but not an overpowering high that is normally felt immediately after smoking. The full effects of the tincture took about 2 to come about and it lasted into the evening with the high being overall relaxing. The dinner that night was very enjoyable and we relaxed in the hotel room watching TV and playing card games.

While it is billed as a hybrid, this tincture was definitely indica leaning. The high was very much a body buzz that enhanced sensory feeling. Subsequent takings of the tincture repeated this effect. Overall, the effects were very enjoyable and once fully onset were comparable to smoking. With the dosage being controlled and given that there are over 100 doses in the tincture bottle, this is now my second favorite way of consuming cannabis behind smoking.

NETA Brookline

I was finally able to make it to a recreational shop in MA. MA’s recreational roll out is less than ideal. With only one store operating 15 minutes outside of downtown Boston, it is no wonder that MA’s sales numbers and tax revenues have not met projected goals. Recently, the Federal government has issued subpoenas to look into possible corruption involving the approval and zoning schemes municipalities were engaging in.

NETA is housed in an old bank building. The building has very awesome architectural concepts.

NETA ceiling

When we first pulled up to NETA we noticed a severe lack of parking and a line outside of the building. Here I am thinking “oh great, of course the only open rec shop has a long line; this will take forever.” We circled the block and managed to find a parking spot to go inside.

We were not in line long. Turns out, the longest line was for those who placed an order ahead. We got into the walk-in line and were inside the building within 5 minutes.

I had been keeping an eye on the order-ahead website for the previous week. With the vape ban in place, items such as flower were in short supply. To my surprise, they actually had flower in stock! I ended up grabbing the hybrid tincture and 1/8th of Triple OG.

For as busy as the store was, the budtender was very patient and helpful. Looking around inside the building, there were customers from all walks of life. People just getting home from the office, tourists, and locals. Everyone being very polite and generally in a good mood.

Reviews of the purchased products will be upcoming.

Boston Visit

While I have frequented MA several times; my trips have always taken me away from any recreational shops.  The licensing process has been abysmal, with only two licensed recreational shops operating in Boston proper.  With an upcoming trip to Boston planned, I will finally be near a licensed recreational shop, NETA Brookline

The recent vape ban has had a negative impact on many shops in MA.  With vapes no longer allowed on the shelf, customers are limited as to the types of products they can purchase.  Due to this, their online order-ahead menu has been showing a decreasing amount of product available.  At one point, only one type of flower was available and all purchases were limited to 3.5 grams per day.

I’m hoping the issue will remedy itself in the coming week.  I will be severely disappointed if, by the time I can finally get to a legal shop in MA, there is no product available to purchase.